Meet the experts

Banking as a Service, embedded finance, contextual finance. We hear these terms and read market headlines on a daily basis. But what do they mean?

In collaboration with Sibos, this ‘Meet the Experts’ session hosts HSBC, Visa, SAP and Finastra; it covers:

  1. What is embedded finance and why is it important?
  2. Who are the key players and how will they monetize the reported $7 trillion market opportunity?
  3. And most importantly, how are they planning to deliver tangible benefits, at pace?

We understand the complexity of balancing BaaS with your everyday priorities, and how to make it work for you.

Focus on the Outcome

Banking as a Service (BaaS) is the enabler of contextual finance and presents a huge opportunity (and threat) to all participants. Monetizing BaaS is a lot harder than embedding it.

Understand the Ecosystem

Knowing the players and their ambitions is key to unlocking the value of contextual finance beyond just the redistribution of financial products, to the creation of new retail and wholesale marketplaces.

Avoid the Pitfalls

Common reasons embedded finance programs fail include over-strategizing, prioritizing embedding over consumption, or pursuing use cases where others control the point of context – and revenue share.

Secure your Best Position

Winning in BaaS requires a focus on discrete, profitable and differentiating use cases that align to your strategy, play to your differentiators, and know where you have the greatest influence over positioning and pricing.

Go from Idea to Investment Case

A programmatic approach will take you from use case discovery and prioritization to MVP and a business investment case in six weeks.

Take the First Step

8 out of 10 banking executives see BaaS as a route to growth, speed-to-market and operational improvements. Find your place and commercialize it quickly with our accelerators and partnerships.

Harnessing the value of contextual finance

Understand the roles and drivers across the embedded finance ecosystem, uncover new retail and wholesale use cases, and discover where to play to win, with our new point of view document.

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Where Will You Play?

Orchestrating or controlling the endpoint of context gives embedded finance participants the greatest influence on product positioning and revenue share, and moving quickly will bring first-mover advantages.

The potential to create entirely new retail and wholesale offerings as a service is vast, restricted only by imagination and the ability to move fast. 

Retail Banking as a Service

A twofold opportunity to embed FS products in retail touchpoints (B2C); and make these available to resellers (B2B2C) who want to distribute, not manufacture

Cash Management as a Service

Create a global platform to connect host and agent banks to corporate and SME customers looking to access payments, FX, liquidity and more

FX as a Service

Using a ‘hub and spoke’ distribution model, FX buyers access preferential rates and embedded capabilities, while FX sellers access new markets at a lower cost of acquisition

Cross Border Payments as a Service

By orchestrating payment rails, aggregators increase global coverage, whilst agent banks and corporates offer real-time cross border transfers

Meet the BaaS Experts

With a rich history in financial services and technology, and a deep domain knowledge of Banking as a Service and contextual finance, you are in expert hands.

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