Market-leading point of sale and mortgage origination software

24x7 mortgage applications for customers and members 

Originate Mortgagebot digitizes applications through a single portal with a unified process across multiple channels and devices

Mortgage loan origination  

Completely digitized mortgage loan origination via MortgegbotLOS


Delivering real-time decisioning, approval and access to their new account or loan

Document preparation 

Compliant, personalised and automated loan documentation accessible 24x7


Quicker decisioning to provide a great customer experience

Compliance expertise

Leverage Finastra’s “compliance first” design strategy to better identify, understand, predict, and mitigate risk in your lending operations

Fully-integrated approach to Mortgage Lending

Expand and simplify the Mortgage Lending experience with a full ecosystem of front to back-office automation through

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Don’t let the competition move ahead in Mortgage Lending

Put purposeful innovation to work alongside a straightforward dashboard that delivers silo-busting insights.

End-to-end workflow​

Pre-integration, automated compliance, configurable workflows and business rules

Breadth of mortgage origination capabilities

Deliver all mortgage origination requirements through one flexible, scalable solution

Full portfolio offering

With support for both portfolio and secondary market loans 

Data insights

Visualize data with complete transparency

Transforming Mortgage Lending

Bringing intuitive and easy mortgages to the consumer

  • Removes all manual processes
  • Real-time decision making
  • Open APIs create new possibilities
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Solution Store from Finastra: Buying made easy

New! Existing customers can browse Finastra’s online catalog of product solutions and purchase with the ease of a few clicks:

  • From Compliance Reporter to Data Insights to training, many of Finastra’s state-of-art services are at your fingertips with more being added regularly.
  • Enjoy a seamless, efficient experience -- when and where it’s convenient.
  • Securely purchase services in mere minutes.

We’ve got Mortgage Lending covered


Finastra Originate

Harmonized digital origination for deposits, loans and mortgages.

Finastra Originate Data Insights

Portfolio growth and a maximized back office through insightful consumer data.

Finastra Originate Mortgagebot

Intuitive POS that integrates seamlessly with MortgagebotLOS

Finastra MortgagebotLOS

All-in-one secure loan origination system that supports retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending

Cover slide for the "Finastra Trade webinar: Achieving ESG goals through digitalization and AI" webinar

Finastra Trade webinar: Achieving ESG goals through digitalization and AI

Fusion Originate Data Insights

Fusion Originate Data Insights brings your mortgage borrower data and office efficiency

Stavvy Connect

A suite of products and tools that empower lenders to take control of the title & closing process

Equifax Credit Reporting Integration

Unleash the potential of alternative data, explainable AI, and technology platforms.

Turn your mortgages digital