Harnessing the same core as Fusion Sophis, Fusion Invest covers the entire investment value chain, delivering portfolio insight and automated processes with a collaborative real-time Investment Book of Records.

Fusion Invest differentiates itself thanks to its advanced analytics, comprehensive asset class coverage and open technology. It can be deployed on cloud or on premise, adapting to your strategic operating model and service needs.

Empowering insurance asset managers to make the best decisions and tackle regulatory changes

Investment accounting for portfolio managers

Multi-norm accounting metrics available for decision making in pre-trade and portfolio monitoring

Market risk and capital requirements

Intraday historical and pre-trade cross-asset risk analytics and regulatory risk such as Solvency II (SCR)

Open technology

Extensive scope of APIs to integrate with in-house systems, customize proprietary processes or build a fintech ecosystem delivering value-added services such as advanced portfolio optimization

Complex derivatives

Traditional, alternative assets and simple to complex derivatives are processed front-to-back to maximize operational efficiency and to manage risks

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