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Comprehensive end-to-end syndicated, commercial, consumer, mortgage and student lending solutions

Finastra leads the way in syndicated, commercial, consumer, mortgage and student lending, streamlining the borrower experience for large multi-national corporations, mid-sized and small business customers and consumers. Covering every type of loan, from origination to settlement, our solutions simplify lending to help customers grow with efficient access to funding and more tailored credit solutions from bilateral loans to the most complex deals.

Our solutions allow financial institutions to manage the full lifecycle of loans, including origination, underwriting, covenant tracking, collateral management, loan servicing and portfolio reporting supporting syndicated lending, commercial real-estate, one-time capital investments, leasing, loan compliance and more. Using our technology, customers have a 360-degree view of all relationships and facilities under management. Calculations, workflows, financial analysis, electronic compliance and servicing all work together on a single platform.

Our student lending technology and program supports over 1.7 million students and administers a $21 billion loan portfolio. Our solutions help customers to manage student loans throughout the entire lifecycle – from origination and maintenance, through to loan repayment and discharge.

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