Focus on what really matters

As the old model of banking struggles to adapt, managed services offer a way for financial institutions to fast-track themselves to a new way of operating that’s fit for the future.

Accelerate business agility 

Rapidly deploy new capabilities in line with evolving business requirements, to support your growth ambitions

Mitigate your risk

Increase business resilience and improve your sustainability and ESG performance

Maximize ROI

Simplify your architecture to reduce TCO, enable seamless integration and increase adoption

Innovate at pace

Build for the future through open APIs and access to an ecosystem of innovation

De-risk initial project - driving high quality outcomes

Setting a firm foundation for Managed Services

Finastra Transform, backed up by a significant investment in IP, establishes your desired objectives at the very outset, putting these at the core of application design and build to deliver business success and service excellence.

  • Business process blueprints
  • Automated testing frameworks
  • Integrated frameworks, driving adoption of open APIs and 

Three reasons to choose Finastra

Software led service

Uniquely positioned with our integrated approach across both service and software, our unrivalled expertise and focus on Finastra software enables extensive investment allowing financial institutions to maximize quality, reduce operational risk and drive business value.

Finastra Managed Services - a software-led service

Our assets, accelerators and IP

We take a holistic approach, establishing client outcomes at the outset and leverage our unrivalled IP to optimize cost and quality of ownership, and supporting your ongoing business agility

Finsatra Transform - A full methodology and automated toolset

Flexible to your needs

Our managed services offer the breadth and flexibility to meet your business requirements. For clients who want to retain control of their production environment, we also offer an application management service option. 

Flexible to Your Needs

Hear it from our customers

A joined up approach with Finastra responsible for both the service and underlying software


Ready to make the transition to a Managed Service?