A comprehensive suite of solutions to help solve industry challenges

Advanced Financial Messaging

Experience greater efficiency with our Financial Messaging solutions, offering seamless integration with payments and treasury systems.

Market infrastructure connectivity

Convert between proprietary and standard financial message formats to easily connect with any multi-bank service (e.g., SWIFT, SIC, euroSIC, SECOM and more).

Sanctions screening

Our sanctions screening solution operates seamlessly alongside Finastra Total Messaging and our SWIFT connectivity service.

Third-party integrations

Carefully curated third-party solutions for fraud prevention or cross-border payments connectivity can be pre-integrated with Finastra Total Messaging.

Real-time payments

Connectivity to established and real-time payment services for US and global markets, including TCH, RP, TIPS, RT1, FedNow and CHIPS.

Payments management

Simplify your business payments processes with scalable access to UK payment services.

Solutions for today’s industry challenges.

Depend on Finastra’s curated ecosystem of solutions to help solve your most-pressing business challenges.

Control. Agility. Compliance.

The Financial Messaging Marketplaces business offers carefully curated solutions to help solve industry-specific problems and provide our customers with choice — with minimal integration or upfront investment.

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Giving you choice to design your own ecosystem of solutions.


Protecting your investment and accelerating your digital journey.


Helping you comply to new industry mandates and regulations.

Payment messages and confirmations flow easily with Finastra’s Financial Messaging solutions

Millions of messages, managed efficiently

Our financial messaging services make you more efficient, with consistent functionality, advanced STP, web-based technology and powerful drill-down and query capabilities. 

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SWIFT connectivity

Finastra’s SWIFT Service Bureau solution provides hosted SWIFT connectivity, as well as direct connectivity to banks, clearing houses, local payment networks and beyond. Our service bureau is powered by our flagship solution, Finastra Total Messaging.

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Bacs and UK faster payments

For our UK customers, Finastra Bacsactive-IP is a fast, effective way to make Direct Debit and Direct Credit payments in a simple-to-use, SaaS-delivered solution.

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Payments Awards showcase

Spotlight on trusted, field-proven, industry-recognized, and award-winning payments and financial messaging solutions

Discover the full suite of solutions from Finastra’s Financial Messaging Marketplaces. 


Finastra Total Messaging

Minimize operational cost and simplify the complexities associated with SWIFT access with Finastra Total Messaging.

Finastra Total Screening

Finastra Total Screening means fewer false positives and easier compliance.

Finastra Fraud Prevention Service

Real-time, AI-powered fraud prevention for payment messages.

Finastra Bacsactive-IP

Online access to a full range of Bacs and Faster Payments services for UK customers.

Fusion PAYplus for Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS)

A complete set of integrated settlement services for CLS-eligible transactions, derivatives settlement and more.

Finastra Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)

Streamline your business processes and transactions with Finastra’s global electronic invoice presentment and payment solution.

Discover the power of a carefully curated ecosystem.