Cross-border payments: Keeping up with the fintechs

Are you struggling to compete in cross-border payments? You aren’t alone. Many banks and other institutions are losing ground to fintechs – and their customers are going with them. Discover our e-book to learn how modernizing your cross-border payments strategy can help reduce costs, increase revenue and win back customer loyalty.

Image of laptop with cover slide for "Cross-border payments: Keeping up with the fintechs" ebook

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Fintechs are disrupting cross-border payment operations for traditional banks and other institutions, posing a threat to their market share, revenue, and customer loyalty. Fintechs offer a more agile, responsive, and customer-friendly payment experience, which traditional banks and others are struggling to match. The eBook explores the challenges and opportunities facing banks in this evolving landscape, with an emphasis on the need for modernization, technological adoption, and ecosystem partnerships to streamline cross-border payments, increase transparency, and reduce risk.

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