Partnering with FinastraPartnering with Finastra

Partnering with Finastra

We Believe in OPEN

At Finastra we make no secret that partnering is at the core of everything we do. The pace at which the industry is transforming and the rate at which customer’s demands are changing, means that partnering is, quite simply, a necessity.

Our mission is to develop the world’s most successful, dynamic and engaging partner ecosystem. In a bid to drive this mission to the next level, our approach to partnering has entered a new realm.

Our Continued Investment

To continue our commitment to our ecosystem, we have refreshed the ways we engage, enable, go to market and ultimately how we succeed together with our partners.

This revised approach reflects our “open banking” ethos and is focused on building successful new businesses that we couldn’t create without our partners.

Finding the perfect fit across our ecosystem

As part of our FusionOrbit partner program, our existing partners play multiple roles across the business opportunities we drive together.

We estimate there is a minimum $1BN global opportunity across the total addressable market to secure through our FusionOrbit Network. Finastra’s new approach to driving Partner and Ecosystem success is through four new routes to market, which one do you fit?

Partnering with Finastra
  • Implement: Find new opportunities with your customers both old and new. Together driving more expertise into the market.
  • Resell: Work with Finastra to bring new market opportunities where we can edge out the white space.
  • Manage: Work with Finastra to drive down costs for your customers by setting up your own managed service operations supporting a range of products for your own and Finastra customers.
  • Co-Innovate: Capture the power of innovation in the Finastra ecosystem to reach competitive edge in the market and drive future capabilities of our platform. The future is open.

Find the programme that’s right for you and join today to become part of our world leading partner ecosystem.

We work with our partners through our four routes to market, we can deliver better experiences for our mutual customers. We provide our partners with;

  • Proactive account planning and sales engagement
  • Faster go-to-market activities through targeted sales enablement and implementation training
  • Direct access to our highly skilled Partner Account Managers and solution experts

Together we build market-focused branding to increase awareness and relevant go-to-market campaigns. We work with our partners to;

  • Create engaging, market specific joint marketing and collateral with our dedicated Partner Marketing team
  • Facilitate joint marketing initiatives and participate in customer-focused events
  • Build and develop quantifiable customer case studies to demonstrate proven success
  • Leverage our best in class partner ecosystem to enhance selling opportunities

Partner with us today to unlock the full range of benefits and let’s innovate and grow together.

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