Who we are

The Skills Center of Excellence (CoE) is dedicated to unlock the potential of people with a vision to establish Finastra as a skills-based organization.

This reflects Finastra’s core belief that our people are our greatest asset.

Skill-Driven Talent Practices

Becoming a skills-centric organization

Finastra is on a journey to become a skills-based organization, aiming to provide intentional and meaningful career progression opportunities aligned with employee goals.

By valuing skills, skills-based organizations liberate people from job labels and promote agility in how work is done, unlocking the full potential of each individual.

Benefits to Finastra

  • Agility to respond to change
  • Skills-focused talent optimization
  • Inclusive ability-driven workplace
  • Retention enhanced through engagement

Benefits to Finastra employees

  • Career progression and growth
  • Autonomy and control of skills journey
  • Greater satisfaction and sense of belonging
  • Flexibility and adaptability increasing value

Our strategy encompasses

Image of three puzzle pieces and the words "Navigate, Unlock, Grow"

Fostering a culture of continuous growth

This empowers employees to seek out new knowledge and aim to diversify their skillset, contributing to their expertise

Maintaining relevance of skills 

Ensuring the ongoing relevance of skills, using labor market data and a Finastra business requirement, empowers our workforce to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape

Recognizing innovation 

This is a strategy that fuels continuous learning, promotes adaptability and ongoing growth across the organization

Embracing agility in all that we do 

This is a strategy that fuels continuous learning, promotes adaptability and ongoing growth across the organization

Skilling: A journey to growth

The Finastra Skills CoE is committed to our employees growth. We believe that when our people thrive, our customers thrive, and therefore our company thrives. Embarking on this journey together will allow us to unlock the potential of our people by helping them navigate their career and grow their skills and value.

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We strive to unlock the potential of our employees.

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Embarking on a skills journey is like going on a voyage of discovery and growth. It begins with identifying abilities and strategies, then setting clear and achievable goals.

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Every career journey at Finastra matters.

You can reach out to Skills Center of Excellence team for any questions or guidance.