The future is now

For all the negatives that COVID-19 brought about, it has given us the opportunity to change life at Finastra for the better. It’s accelerated and cemented the trust we have in our people and learned that our people were even more incredible, even more able to adapt, listen and support each other than we could have hoped for. It’s opened up communication even further, so that we can better support our staff through hard times. They can speak up, as they know we will listen.

COVID-19 may have brought the future forward, but Finastra is built for the future. Watch our five stories about how we saw our culture come to life during the most disrupted and unprecedented times.

Hear from our employees

The Now by Siobhan

Life may look a little bit different at Finastra right now, but we continue to focus on three key areas: our people, our customers and our business.

Hidden Realities by Jaque

As we continue to stand together against injustice and inequality, we’re playing our part to help create an open and inclusive working culture.

The Future by Sagive

As the future is being brought forward, we’re seeing an acceleration in digitalization, and we want to continue to drive the concept that the future of finance is open.

Our Work by Chirine

Digital technology is important to stay connected and accomplish goals, but it can do more. Our 2020 Hackathon is striving to generate change and give amplification to underprivileged and silenced voices.

Hidden Realities by Philip

Looking after our physical and mental health is so important. We want to help our people to look after themselves as we continue breakdown barriers, and create a space where people feel more ready and open to discuss their mental health.

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