Banking data analytics and insights are a necessity not a luxury

Banking data science for information leveraging

Turn your data into valuable business insights in an instant & identify opportunities for growth

Identify customer needs

Use your data to help you build your products and services based on customer needs and wants

Full integration

Integrates easily with your core processing software solution, merging data from multiple silos 

Deliver a personalized customer experience

Machine enabled learning drives recommendations for account holders for a personalized journey

Campaign & channel management

Research and measure one-off and serialized campaigns

Make the most of your data

Use your data to shape business decisions to help drive competitor advantage and personalise customer experience

How can you leverage your banking data analytics?

Data science in banking has long been overlooked. With Insights and Analytics you can use this information to align your products and services to your customers’ needs

data analytics

Customer profitability

Your data will identify the potential value of your customer

Refine your products

Determine which products and services deliver the most value

Streamline your business

Identify the profitability of your branches & business lines

Put your customers first

Leverage your data to create a personalised experience

group office

Turn data into action

Create a more personalized service and reach more of the market with powerful insights

  • Use data from core & third-party vendors
  • SaaS for direct access
  • Enhanced campaign management

Making the most of your Insights and Analytics


Finastra Essence

Next generation core banking platform with the best in digital capabilities, end to end 

Finastra Analytics

Make the most of a fully integrated inward look at your KPIs to pinpoint opportunities

Put your data to work