Since Finastra was founded in 2017, we have believed in ‘doing well by doing good.’ 

This belief and purpose has never been stronger and more necessary as we collectively navigate unprecedented challenges together with our stakeholders – such as the climate crisis, COVID-19, the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape and the fight for racial equality and social equity.

Our social impact achievements have already directly impacted over 1.7 million people and over 10 million people indirectly through our philanthropic grants but our ambition for Finastra ESG is bolder.

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Creating impact

To continue creating impact and achieve our ambitions, we have added two new imperatives to our ESG value creation strategy. The first is to be a high-performing company in ESG and the second is to embed ESG value creation into our solutions.

To enable this our ESG, Purpose & Impact strategy is aligned to four key pillars of Planet, Prosperity, People and Principles of Governance from the WEF Stakeholder Capitalism Framework all with their own ambitious commitments.


Environment Mission

  • Carbon reporting and disclosures across scopes
  • Enabling Finastra customers to reduce emissions
  • Achieve Net Zero by 2030 in line with SBTi

Discover more about our Environment commitments now


Financial Inclusion

  • Bring financial literacy to 10 million people by 2030
  • 100 million unbanked people into FS by 2030
  • Support MSME growth through affordable capital

Discover more about our Financial Inclusion commitments now


Social Equity

  • Achieve 50:50 gender parity by 2030
  • Champion bias-free FS via Finastra solutions
  • Invest in youth and social mobility

Discover more about our Social Equity commitments now

Principles of Governance

• Lead in ESG-related risk management approach

• Adhere to all legal requirements across footprint

• Maintain strong ethics in line with UN Global Compact

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Discover more about our ESG commitments

With our vision for Finastra ESG now clearly defined and enabled, we look forward to playing our part in creating a better future for the planet and our people through the power of OPEN finance in collaboration with our stakeholders.

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Discover how we are playing our part

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