Simplify transformation with Investment Banking software

Allow technology to transform business operations. Build on the foundations of front office productivity, while remaining focused on optimizing risk and capital allocation.

Improve front office productivity

Leveraging technology to transform processes

Optimize risk and capital allocation

Increased transparency

Reduce change and run the bank costs

Flexibility to react faster and reduce risks

Transform to Innovate

Build on your current ecosystem using technology to transform day to day banking

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Get the flexibility required to react faster 


Gain technological innovation to adapt to changing markets

Integrated and open

Integrate multiple IT systems to simplify efforts

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Maintain cost control whilst growing revenue

Leverage technology to increase revenue and achieve long-term cost control.

  • Redefine business processes
  • Build powerful IT architectures
  • Create value across the organisation

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Fusion Markets

Find the power and transparency you need to compete today and tomorrow

Vector Risk

Full end of day and real-time solution for market and credit risk, including VaR, PFE, xVA, and complete FRTB.

Reduce risk and accelerate innovation with Investment Banking software