Take control over your success

Finastra Preferred Active Support is a collaborative relationship designed to ensure banks have the proactive support they need to help achieve their business outcomes.

Increase operational excellence

Get the most out of Finastra solutions to drive operational excellence, product optimization and system performance

Maximize ROI

Pre-packaged, subscription-based model to increase forecasting and predictability of costs for duration of your solution lifecycle

Drive adoption & value

Outcome-orientated training and enablement, driving growth, development and self sufficiency

Reduce risk

Speed up resolution through case prioritization, with access to a global advisory pool of experts. Reduce the risk of project delays, missed milestones and cost overruns

Personalized support - Enablement - Proactive support services - Mission critical support

Build a foundation for customer success

What is included? Preferred Active Support is built on four pillars:

  • Personalized support
  • Proactive support services
  • Training and enablement program
  • Mission critical support

A proven approach to your success

Why choose Finastra Preferred Active Support?


of Preferred Active Support customers experienced an improvement in First contact resolution (FCR)


of Preferred Active Support customers saw an improvement in their mean time to repair (MTTR), by an average of 6 days


of Preferred Active Support customers reduced the number of cases they have raised since go-live

Hear it from our customers

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to your success?