Identify and stop fraudulent payment messages

Powered by NetGuardians’ machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, this SaaS solution “reads” SWIFT and other payment messages (e.g., SIC, euroSIC) and continuously learns how to accurately stop fraudulent payments.

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Effective fraud detection

Significantly reduces false positives.

Rapid implementation

Pre-integrated with Finastra Total Messaging for quick activation.

Saves time

Frees up time for your IT staff for other important tasks.

A holistic approach to fraud prevention

Real-time fraud prevention

Abnormal or suspicious payment messages are detected in real-time, with flexible transaction workflows that allow for blocking, alerting, releasing and reporting.

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SWIFT CSP compliance

Pre-configured AI risk models continuously monitor MT 101, MT 103, MT 202 and MT 202COV messages to identify anomalous and possibly fraudulent activities.

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Augmented intelligence

Combines human intelligence with machine learning and AI technology to effectively flag anomalous payment messages – and alerts users why the transaction is suspicious.

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Leverage the power of real-time, AI-powered fraud prevention.