Payments Modernization – an architectural perspective

The transformation of your payment architecture is an essential step for maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic world of payment systems. It is imperative for financial institutions to embrace a holistic strategy that nurtures innovation in payments and transitions towards a unified platform.

Modernizing your payment architecture isn’t merely following a trend, it’s a necessity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving payments landscape. Financial institutions must adopt a unified approach to foster payments innovation and shift to a centralized platform that can handle multiple payment types over outdated, siloed engines.

Download this infographic featuring new research by Omdia that shows how your bank is responding to challenges such as the rise of real-time payment rails, global ISO 20022 adoption, and the integration of Gen AI into modern finance. Conversely, understand the significant risks of delaying modernization and why legacy technology can’t keep up.

Key infographic takeaways:

  • Discover the vital steps in future-proofing payment systems.
  • Come away with the top priorities to focus on when planning a payment infrastructure modernization journey.
  • Find out how a modern payment hub can transform your payment ecosystem to embrace change, drive innovation, and achieve service excellence.

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