Instant payments in Europe are coming: Are you ready?

Major changes to the way banks and payments service providers (PSPs) offer instant payments are coming. New regulations are imminent, and there are several key changes which will impact all players in the payments space.

Send and receive

Banks and PSPs in all 27 countries in the EU, will be required to offer and receive instant payments, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, at an equal or lower rate than the charges for sending or receiving non-instant euro credit transfers.

Confirmation of payee

Banks and PSPs will be obligated to verify that the name of the payee matches their account number (IBAN) before any payment is authorized. If these do not match, they will be required to notify the payer – suggesting potential fraud – who can then decide whether to complete the payment order.

Sanctions screening

Banks and PSPs will be required to verify, at least once a day, whether any of their customers are subject to EU sanctions. If they fail to follow this sanctions screening procedure, they may be liable to pay financial damages to the other provider involved in the instant payment.

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Instant payments in Europe: Are you ready for new regulations?

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