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Jefferson Bank strengthens its market position with Finastra's payments solution

About the Company
Assets: $2.75 billion
San Antonio, Texas
Founded in 1946
Jefferson Bank’s partnership with Finastra helps to accelerate new service launches and differentiate itself in the market

Hear from Fred D. Gibbons, VP for Deposit Operations and Payment System Officer at Jefferson Bank about his long-lasting experience of using Finastra payments solutions and how Finastra’s payments solution empowers the bank to compete with both bigger banks and other community banks.

I think it's important for community banks to be on the same plateau or platform as the bigger banks. I think through you know the fintech work of APIs and all the other wonders of modern technology, we have a chance to compete with the big boys and do everything they can. I've used Finastra over 20 years now. I know the people and I’ve a certain comfort level around knowing that even through the darkest times things are going to work out right and we’re going to meet our timelines under budget and with a happy staff.

Fred D. Gibbons
VP at Jefferson Bank

Achieved benefits:

  • Access to the same payment processing technology used by big banks
  • Simplify and streamline payments processing
  • Leverage modern open APIs
  • Leverage Finastra partner ecosystem for value-added services

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