Managing payments messages, made easier

Banks and corporates must manage thousands or even millions of payment messages in numerous message warehouses around the world. Finastra’s financial messaging solution can help.

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Increases operational efficiency

Operate in multiple languages, different time zones and different regulations with advanced STP.

Reduces risk

Eliminates the need for manual intervention.

Lowers cost

Processing transactions are faster, more precise and less costly.

A single connection across global and domestic networks

Swift connectivity

Whether you connect to the Swift network via SwiftNet FIN, Swift FileAct or Swift InterAct–or use FIN or FUND messages and control your file flow–Finastra Total Messaging supplies all the connectors.

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Protecting your investment

Designed to accommodate the latest formatting standards in transaction banking, it also ensures that your technology investment is protected – and it maintains all changes from interbank service providers.

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Third-party integrations

Carefully curated third-party solutions, such as NetGuardians for fraud prevention and Mastercard and Thunes for cross-border payments connectivity, can be pre-integrated with the platform.

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Discover all that Finastra Total Messaging has to offer


SWIFT's gpi Universal Confirmations Mandate

Assisting SWIFT gpi members and non-members comply with Universal Confirmations and other new mandates.

ISO 20022 for SWIFT Correspondent Banking

Let Finastra support your organization through its ISO 20022 migration and CBPR+ readiness journey.

SWIFT CSP Independent Assessment Services

With proven SWIFT and industry expertise, trust Finastra for your firm’s independent CSP assessment.

It’s time for an advanced messaging solution.