Consolidate your lending platform from multiple systems down to one

Finastra Loan IQ is the only platform able to comprehensively service your entire loan portfolio, from the most complex syndicated lending to simple, high volume bilateral loans.

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Increase efficiency

20% reduction in time required to set up new deals

Reduce costs

50% reduction in integration costs with a consolidated commercial lending platform

Growth at scale

Doubled business with no added headcount

Improve risk management

Increased automation and built-in controls reduces errors and manual inputs

Grow, optimize and automate corporate lending with Loan IQ

Workflow optimization

Ability to streamline operating models with a centralized, standardized approach across all business lines based on best-practices

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Reduced TCO

Simplified system architecture with a global platform-based solution reduces hardware costs and simplifies technology infrastructure

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Enable business growth

Expand customer base with a large breadth of lending products to meet customer needs and attract new business

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Loan IQ Academy

Realize the full potential of Loan IQ with expert-led training.

Loan IQ Academy is a carefully crafted learning program that integrates practical product knowledge with contextual business insights. Aimed at professionals with business and technical responsibilities, the Loan IQ Academy courses offer an online learning approach, combined with interactive sessions and hands-on training.

Deliver a superior customer experience and drive operational efficiency


Loan IQ Build

Take the IQ out of loan booking with a seamless, straight-through user experience for financial institutions and borrowers.

Finastra ESG Service

Simplify and centralize the collection and storage of ESG performance criteria and ESG pricing changes

Finastra LIBOR Transition Calculator

Calculating ARRs for applications unable to calculate their own ARR based interest accruals.

Finastra LenderComm

Enabling streamlined, transparent and secure digital information exchange.

HUBX Arranger

HUBX Arranger is a data-driven primary and secondary loan syndication platform integrated with Finastra Loan IQ.


VeriLoan offers the best-in-class end-to-end solution for financial institutions.

Find out more about our Finastra Loan IQ solution.