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Enhanced customer service and real-time lending for better business decisions, the way it should be.

Corporate clients want seamless access to loan accounts, including the ability to quickly and easily manage loans and loan payments.

Only 25% of businesses give relationship managers a good rating, holding banking staff accountable for the lack of digital capacity that pervades lending operations.

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Next generation digitized self-service with Loan Portal.

Support faster, better business decisions with Loan Portal. It integrates with Finastra’s Loan IQ and empowers you to access real-time loan data across multiple channels, while securely communicating with loan officers and initiating transactions.

Fusion Corporate Channels leads rest of world Corporate Digital Banking Platforms: 2021 xCelent awards

Fusion Corporate Channels leads rest of world Corporate Digital Banking Platforms: 2021 xCelent awards

Simplified dashboard

Persona-based dashboard, putting the most relevant details for each user up front.

End user personalization

Drag, drop & remove widgets to update the dashboard with ease and speed.

Simplified relationship management

Offers a suite of custom communication tools.

Full international support

Multi-language support is available.

Self-service, your clients’ way

Reduce operational risk and cost

Securely receive and review uploaded documents to have tighter control of workflows. Our portal seamlessly integrates with Fusion Loan IQ, reducing risk of human error.

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Drive business growth

Loan Portal allows relationship managers to spend more time on value-added tasks, aiding in profitability by reducing costs.

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Meet customer needs

Omni-channel support offered through web, mobile and chatbots ensure clients can always access the information they need. Deliver the lending experience your clients deserve.

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Realize the benefits of real-time loan data at your fingertips.

Bringing corporate lending processes up to speed

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Our partner ecosystem can enable you to provide more loans to borrowers, faster


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