Setting you up for success

Fully automated onboarding into Loan IQ without the need for Loan IQ expertise. A simple and transparent workflow to maximize the end-to-end customer experience.

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Improve the customer experience

Translate inbound LOS data automatically, allowing your LOS to become agnostic to servicing, reducing time-to-drawdown.

Reduce costs and

Remove the need to dual-key information, reducing errors from mistyping and cost saving on manual intervention.

Simplify and reduce onboarding times

A simple, intuitive experience for users

Making “Lending on Demand” a reality

Inbound APIs

Map upstream Loan Origination System data to appropriate Loan IQ data structures without prior integration, giving you the freedom of a Loan IQ-agnostic LOS.

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Automated and digital onboarding

Credit agreement details are auto-populated into loan servicing without manual entry auto-enrichment of servicing data speeds up the process and reduces time-to-close.

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Booking agent dashboard

Show booking agents the up-to-date view of what is in their queue, the current status and issues that require management via a clear visualization.

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Seamless lending operations


Finastra Loan IQ

The proven path to success in commercial lending

Finastra LenderComm

Enabling streamlined, transparent and secure digital information exchange.


VeriLoan provides a full range of functionalities that streamlines loan origination and servicing processes.

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