80% of investors consider ESG to be a key element in their investing choices

Source: PwC 2021 Global Investor Survey

Banks need to create agile and adaptable processes in order to stay compliant with the emerging regulations that will emerge as the ESG lending market develops.

Future-proofing through innovation

High configuration and flexibility to accommodate different transaction formats.

Streamlined servicing of SLLs

Integrate ESG Service with any loan servicing solution.


Automate ESG performance evaluation and system updates.

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Modern architecture, leveraging the extensibility and flexibility of open APIs

Banks need their lending solutions to easily connect via an ecosystem that allows information to be easily shared so that KPIs can be tracked.

  • Grow your SLL lending portfolio while staying compliant with pricing, taxonomy, and fees logic.
  • Reduce costs by automating workflows to manage resources and time more effectively.
  • Simplify and centralize ESG data, including KPI collection and storage.

A first for institutional lending

  • Find out how Commonwealth Bank of Australia has successfully deployed new cloud-based institutional lending capabilities with Finastra’s Fusion Managed Services.

    People around a desk looking at a computer
    People around a desk looking at a computer
  • Learn how Mediobanca's upgraded lending services will reduce costs by up to 25% and open up opportunities to innovate.

    man and woman talking outside with tablet
    man and woman talking outside with tablet
  • Discover how TMF Group has been able to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and attract more business by enhancing its loan management capabilities with Fusion Loan IQ.

    Solutions Used
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    Woman on tablet

Digital lending solutions leading towards sustainable finance


Finastra Loan IQ

The proven path to success in commercial lending

Finastra Unified Corporate Portal

A single portal for meaningful corporate digital engagement across products and services.

Fusion LIBOR Transition Calculator

Calculating ARRs for applications unable to calculate their own ARR based interest accruals.

Fusion LenderComm

Enabling streamlined, transparent and secure digital information exchange.

HUBX Arranger

HUBX Arranger is a data-driven primary and secondary loan syndication platform integrated with Fusion Loan IQ.


VeriLoan provides a full range of functionalities that streamlines loan origination and servicing processes.

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