VeriLoan: Why lenders need to digitize front‑end functions

In our latest e-book, we discuss a new model for digital innovation that banks can use to centralize and streamline the loan origination process. Access the e-book and find out how out-of-the-box, fast integration is possible for your bank.

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According to Marqeta, 67% of SMEs in the UK  are considering finding a new provider if their current bank doesn’t swiftly provide digital capabilities. The data suggests that lending to businesses by UK challenger banks jumped 26% in 2021 as a result - yet many banks are still slow to adopt customer-focused digitization in the face of a changing landscape.

In our latest e-book, we look at the example of loan origination and how VeriPark and Finastra have partnered together on the FusionFabric.cloud platform to centralize and streamline the digital loan origination process. Using cloud technology, Finastra and VeriPark can offer banks out-of-the-box integration that means they can innovate quickly, get ahead of the competition and remain relevant to customers as the world of lending continues to evolve.

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