Setting you up for LIBOR transition success

With the imminent transition from LIBOR creating operational challenges for banks and lenders, the need for automation is becoming increasingly clear.

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Powering legacy systems for LIBOR

Process ARR/RFR priced loans with no infrastructure changes.

Trusted methodology

Accurate results based on Finastra Loan IQ alternative reference rates (ARR) calculations.

Future proof your business

Evolving to meet to market and regulatory needs.

Transition to success today

Average compounded rates

Average Compounded in Arrears Rate or Daily Non-Cumulative Compounding Rates calculated and plugged into legacy systems to perform conventional interest accrual calculations.

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Compounded ARR-based accrued interest

Compute accrued interest based on loan and other ARR parameters, and link directly to legacy applications or reconcile the interest accrued details in a lender notice.

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Calculate different tenor rates

Retrieve official Compounded ARR Period Averages for standard tenors, or calculate for a set of non-standard tenors, by provided date and other ARR parameters.

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Seamless lending operations


Finastra Loan IQ

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Cover slide for the "Finastra Trade webinar: Achieving ESG goals through digitalization and AI" webinar

Finastra Trade webinar: Achieving ESG goals through digitalization and AI

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