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Open Voice

Authenticity is everything

What is Open Voice?

Open Voice is an advocacy program that puts our customers at the forefront and creates meaningful engagements for all parties.

We know your peers want to hear your story and learn from your success. They don’t just want an opinion on the technology, they want to understand how you are innovating and transforming.

Open Voice was designed to provide you with a platform to share your transformation stories, ideas and vision with the Finastra ecosystem. It gives you the opportunity to connect with other banking professionals and industry leaders, while adding to your financial institution’s profile.

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Why collaborate?

Communicate - Demonstrate - Strengthen - Network - Gain - Increase

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Advocacy activities

Whether you’re co-innovating on our open platform or delivering greater financial transparency and inclusion through our latest solutions, we have a wide range of opportunities available to help you share your story.

Peer to peer knowledge sharing
Share ideas and experiences

To share ideas and experiences, we can facilitate interactions between you and your industry peers through a phone call, site visit or at our Finastra Experience Center.

Media coverage
Promote your story to leading publications

Our Public Relations team can work with you to promote your story to leading publications. We can also work with you on the development of press releases, blogs and articles that are of mutual interest to our organizations.

Thought leadership
Amplify your expertise, forward vision and credibility

Amplify your expertise, forward vision and credibility in the marketplace through a video interview, blog or article.

Video testimonial
Bring your journey to life

To bring your journey to life, our professional video producers can work with you to showcase the success you and your team have achieved.

Analyst exposure
Shape research and establish market trends

Help shape research and establish market trends by sharing your experiences with important influencers in the industry through surveys or interviews.

Industry recognition
Showcase your transformation with an award submission

We can write an industry award nomination on your behalf, showcasing your transformation and the value received from Finastra’s solutions.

Written case study
Share your story and resulting success

Share your journey and demonstrate the success you’ve achieved powered by Finastra through an interactive and co-branded written case study.


"CIB Bank is pleased to participate in the Finastra Open Voice program. Together, we built a written case study, and I’m pleased to see the reach it’s had through Finastra’s channels. It’s truly been a mutually rewarding experience."

Tamás Ákos, Deputy CEO, CIB Bank


To learn more about Open Voice, connect with us.

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