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Consumer Lending

Grow loan volumes

Meet your current need for fast, simple and efficient consumer lending

Consumers today are constantly trying to find balance with their increasingly busy schedules. Applying and getting approved for a consumer loan is something that has been viewed by many as an unpleasant experience. The last thing that people want to deal with is a process that is long, labor intensive process that leaves them feeling like a number instead of a valued customer. Creating a fast, simple and convenient loan process has become a necessity in the digital age of lending that can quickly translate into increased loan volumes and significantly happier customers.

Complete solution

Finastra is a leader in consumer lending solutions, with over 20 years’ experience in consumer credit, underwriting millions of direct and indirect applications. We offer a complete end-to-end lending solution that provides a comprehensive foundation for banks and credit unions.

Stay ahead of the competition

With Finastra’s Total Lending Consumer solution, you’ll stay ahead of the competition and easily meet customers’ needs and expectations. Streamlined and transparent origination and processing is taken to the next level with Total Lending Consumer by incorporating powerful financial analysis capabilities, and core connectivity combined with Finastra’s industry-leading compliant Fusion LaserPro documentation.

Capture new business

Our consumer lending solution, offered as Total Lending Consumer streamlines the loan origination process and is perfect for capturing direct and indirect retail loans, and small business loans to help you grow loan volumes.

Productivity & Compliance

Total Lending Consumer contains powerful productivity and compliance tools, which address the key areas of consumer credit underwriting, loan origination and processing. With interfaces to numerous core system providers, third-party vendors and open integration Finastra’s lending solution can be tailored to further enhance and maximize daily consumer and small business lending workflows. Total Lending Consumer provides configurable loan documentation backed by over 30 years of rich compliance knowledge and a nationwide attorney network.

Total Lending Consumer

  • Essential: In an ever-increasing competitive environment, offering self-service channels that drive more applications to completion is key. Total Lending Consumer offers a web-based lending solution that allows lenders to receive accurate, qualified applications via the Internet, in the branch, call center or through loan officers. Finastra’s proven consumer lending solutions continually and intelligently personalizes and streamlines the application path based on borrower information and loan type.
  • Premium: Offering not only online application capability but the ability to deliver tailored workflows and policy-based automated decisioning, Total Lending Consumer helps you achieve greater levels of operational efficiency and scale in your consumer and small business lending. By automating your direct credit underwriting steps you’ll make it faster and easier to process consumer and small business credit applications, for both unsecured and secured loan requests.
  • Complete: Delivering the same flexibility and functionality for applications and decisioning as our Premium bundle, expand your consumer lending strategy to include indirect lending. Gain the ability to receive and process loan applications from remote automobile dealerships through third-party dealer processors such as DealerTrack® and RouteOne®.


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