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Complete credit and underwriting solution

Finastra DecisionPro leads the journey toward a fast and convenient customer experience and well managed costs.

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Meet borrower needs

The journey to fast and great customer experience and managed costs.

Speed closing times, reduce risks

Powerful workflows and automation accelerate application decisioning.

Scalable and customizable

Define your decision automation and tailor to your workflow.

Grow lending portfolios

Audit loan origination and identify cross sell opportunities

Automation seals the deal

Accelerate decisioning

Automate data collection, including input from third-party sources such as credit reports, to speed application decisioning and enhance accuracy.

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Enhance operational efficiency

Employ automatic work routing and queue management for efficient information flow and access.

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Fair and consistent credit decisions

Consider score, rules and internal policy, to ensure fast, fair and consistent treatment of each applicant, while reducing credit risk.

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Automate your onboarding experience


An AI-based platform that automates the document collection and verification process to transform raw data into actionable – and profitable – information


Finastra and FlashSpread deploy a seamless integration that extracts and validates financial data, structuring it to deliver high quality, made-to-order spreads that expedite your underwriting procedures

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Conductor integrates seamlessly to LaserPro and radically streamlines the documentation process. Manage loan documentation across commercial, consumer, and mortgage portfolios from a single, multi-user platform.

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