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Explore the world of open finance.

We harness the power of open finance through software that enables new financial ecosystems, drives sustainable decision-making and supports positive societal change.

We enable new financial ecosystems through open finance.

Our open finance software continues to pioneer the evolution of financial services, by supporting new markets, economies and customers.

We empower businesses with the ability to tap into new streams of revenue, fostering competition and creating more space for financial innovation.

With our technology, you can enhance efficiency, adapt to changing customer demands, and continually upgrade your customer experience, satisfaction and profitability.

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of the 956 senior banking executives that Finastra surveyed, globally.
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Finastra Open Finance EcosystemsCreate financial ecosystems that thrive.

Integrating innovation and expertise

We welcome the fintech innovators, providing an open software platform to help integrate new technologies and customer-centric capabilities.

Solving problems together

Our ecosystem and software help the wider finance industry to collaborate in identifying and combating inefficiencies, utilising data more effectively to fix issues and build new approaches.

Widening access to banking services

Open finance gives more opportunities for non-bank entities to provide banking services, helping people access vital banking functions and aiding businesses to build new revenue streams.

We use open finance to drive sustainable decision-making.

Finance has a vital responsibility to support in driving sustainable investment and facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy. Finastra uses open finance to connect capital with new, impactful initiatives that make a difference to our shared environmental goals.

We support a greener finance, promoting digitisation and contributing to a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.

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of the 956 senior banking executives that Finastra surveyed, globally.
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Finastra Open Finance Sustainable Decision MakingBuild better, reliable decision models.

Building the environment to thrive

With a clearer view of risk and positions, businesses can better allocate capital to prioritise green decisions. Our open finance platform gives you all the tools to understand environmental regulations and make more informed decisions about your sustainable investments.

Driving more effective capital allocation

Our software provides new ways to invest for impact, helping you manage risks, adapt to regulatory changes and make smarter, greener decisions.

Enabling inclusive trade for growth and impact

At Finastra, we promote the power of eco-friendly transactions to help prioritise sustainability, while digitising trade systems for efficiency and allowing more people to access a fairer, greener banking environment.

We make financial services more accessible to everyone.

When it's open, finance can transform societies and help more people access the banking services they need to prosper.

Our software drives inclusion by reducing bias and championing a more progressive, equitable and accessible banking sector-bridging the banking gap and reducing the numbers of unbanked and underbanked in our societies.

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Of the 956 senior banking executives that Finastra surveyed, globally.
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Finastra Open Finance Societal ChangeBetter finance, better futures, better outcomes.

Championing financial inclusion

We free financial services, using digital tools to bring more opportunities to more customers, and transcending economic and geographical barriers to build a healthy, democratised financial system.

Fostering digital development

Open finance can empower economic growth, using technology to enhance sales, boost production and increase employment to create a dynamic, evolving ecosystem of growth and prosperity.

Powering innovation

We lead the finance industry in removing traditional obstacles to new ideas, creating an open, accessible environment where businesses and individuals can co-create innovative financial solutions, to any scale.

Accelerating Open Finance

There are several market accelerators that are significantly speeding up the growth and development of financial services. Financial institutions must embrace these accelerators to maximize the true value of open finance.

Finastra Open Finance - Composable banking

By breaking banking services down into their components, open finance enables banks to reimagine and reengineer them into new, customer-centric models.

This drives the goal of financial inclusion further, with personalised services that meet the needs of people more directly, more often.

Finastra Open Finance - Banking as a Service

When financial products and services can be more easily consumed by third parties, friction is reduced, and customer journeys are smoother.

By integrating financial services, products and solutions into third-party apps and customer journeys, open finance can help to improve expenences and offer greater financial flexibility.

Finastra Open Finance - Embedded Finance

Context matters. Embedded finance integrates financial services into third-party applications, so people get the right experience in the right moment.

This reduces friction and drives down acquisition costs, while boosting conversion and accessibility

Finastra Open Finance - Generative AI

GenAl can broaden the use of customer and operational data, to support new product development, enhance decision-making, and streamline operations from communications to onboarding.

With smarter processes powered by automation and intelligence, finance can move towards a more intuitive, efficient industry.

Open Finance infographic

Discover how open finance enables institutions to balance the challenges of economic growth and the pursuit of social and environmental responsibilities in our latest infographic.

Let's harness open finance, together.

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