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We build solutions that drive efficiency, growth and sustainability.

We deliver a transformative edge through our trusted Treasury and Capital Markets solutions.

Supporting sustainable impact investing

Our investment management platform delivers the analytics and open architecture to aid managers in aligning strategies with societal goals.

Fusion Invest is purpose-built to drive impact, with:

Comprehensive analytics

Enable enhanced sustainable and societal impact decisions to support pre-trade decision- making and investment management.

Improved workflows

We help ensure managerial decision-making is compliant and aligned to trade processing and social impact or ESG goals.


Finastra’s open architecture boosts your institution’s IP through data-led insight, to help you reliably reach your goals of fostering innovation and growing the ecosystem.

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Treasury Capital Markets Open Finance Supporting Impact Investing
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Providing a trusted backbone through the capital markets platform

Our two open-by-design capital markets platforms offer a stable, reliable backbone for investment banks to operate with more agility and security.

Work on the industry platform of choice

With over 650 global deployments, our trusted solutions include Sophis, a comprehensive solution to help foster societal change, and Summit, which supports debt raising and risk management for development banks.

Front-to-back solutions

With an open portfolio that embraces innovation and integration, we provide a holistic overview of your position and risks, to prioritize sustainable decisions.

Differentiated services

Our platform offers real-time pricing and compliance management for fixed income, equity derivatives, commodity derivatives and interest rate derivatives.

Growth opportunities

Offering faster trade validations and supporting better efficiency, you can embrace ecosystem innovation across the financial value chain.

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Driving efficiency, compliance and growth with true treasury management

Finastra’s Treasury and Capital Markets solutions provide a robust and integrated system for institutions to enhance efficiency and compliance in their operations.

Seamless integration

Our solutions, Kondor and Opics, work easily with new and third-party services, markets and frameworks, supporting the growth of financial services ecosystems.

Sustainable trading and responsible reporting

With our risk management and centralized reporting capabilities, managers can report responsibly and emphasize openness, transparency and integration, making it easier for you to adapt to change faster.

Market stability and integrity

Contribute to a stable, secure and connected financial markets environment that creates societal equity, with solutions that optimize treasury trading of high-quality liquid assets from front to back.

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Analyzing the past, monitoring the present and preparing for the future

Finastra solutions help you to understand data and drive service access, helping to reduce the likelihood of insolvencies by giving banks clear visibility of risks and strategies.

Greater inclusivity

Finastra provides smaller banks with better access to world-class support and capabilities, including strong balance sheet analytics and reporting.

Sustainable financial management

Our SaaS solutions combine Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) principles with Asset-Liability Management (ALM) policies, helping small and mid-size banks to manage book risk and comply with regulations more easily.

Local and societal growth

Our solutions use the latest in AI and Machine Learning to analyze past performance and track liquidity in the present, helping banks to prepare for future market changes through improved liquidity management.

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Why work with Finastra

Our Treasury and Capital Markets solutions reflect our principles and the priorities of the open finance evolution, with software that is:

Treasury & Capital Markets Open Finance - Market-leading

We provide solutions to over half of the world's largest banks who manage assets equivalent to over 40% of the world's GDP. Over 400 banks rely on our software for their treasury and capital market needs.

Treasury & Capital Markets Open Finance - Open by design

Finastra solutions use an 'open by design' philosophy, intended to work seamlessly with external applications and ecosystems, as well as supporting customization to meet the specific needs of institutions.

Treasury & Capital Markets Open Finance - Truly comprehensive

Our portfolio includes solutions for treasury management, trading, issuance, investment management, operations, compliance and risk management – all designed to fit the specific needs of the global finance landscape.

Treasury & Capital Markets Open Finance - Ready for today and for tomorrow

Our modern, open architecture enables business decisions and optimizes operating models to enable growth, foster collaboration and increase efficiency.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in open finance, and how we're transforming the way Treasury and Capital Market operations work, our expert team can help you get the answers you need.

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