Banks need a strategic approach to the interest rate balance book to reduce operational costs and get a future-proof compliance framework.

ALM IQ enables banks to optimize their positions under multiple regulatory constraints. Shielded from risk, banks are better equipped to serve the needs of the community including private individuals and small-medium enterprises (SMEs).

Market leading ALM solution tailored to small and mid-size banks

No customization required, standard reports included, scalable on demand, seamless integration with core banking data

Interest rate risk (IRRBB) measuring and reporting to support your business growth

Move ALM function from cost to profit center with holistic view of the balance sheet

Low TCO, no maintenance, automatic updates with evergreening

Open banking approach ensures rapid journey to value

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A revolutionary SaaS banking book solution

Powered by Finastra’s market-leading ARC banking book risk and regulatory compliance platform.

Measure and monitor liquidity, interest rate and FX risks in the balance sheet:

  • Liquidity/IR gaps
  • Interest rate sensitivity
  • NII and EVE
  • LCR/NSFR ratios
  • Delta scenarios

Analyze the past, monitor the present, prepare for the future

  • Rapid integration of IRRBB principles with ALM policies that optimize the bank’s risk management framework.
  • Fast, detailed view of balance sheet structure that delivers greater efficiency and profitability, while reducing interest rate risk.
  • Reduces operational risk through the automation of data input and workflows that reduce manual errors.
  • Quickly model and stress test new products that are attractive to individuals and business customers.
  • At-a-glance view of exposure to interest rate risk which also reveals your most profitable segments.
  • Standardized governance framework to which can be added FTP and which supports compliance with regulations based on LCR, NSFR, credit risk, market risk and IFRS.
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ALM IQ: A deployed ALM solution

This factsheet introduces the main benefits of Finastra's new SaaS ALM solution for small and mid-size banks.

Your one-stop shop for managing banking book risk and regulatory compliance


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