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We develop open technology that helps banks innovate, grow and flourish.

We provide the rich, broad and deep banking functionality, advanced technologies and decades of domain expertise that you need to thrive in an evolving, open financial landscape.

Making banking more inclusive and equitable

Open finance unlocks greater access for previously unbanked and underbanked groups, broadening banking to people who need it.

Involving communities

We develop community-focused initiatives and contribute to the economic development of local customers, to foster long-term loyalty and support.

Empowering people

Our inclusive banking approach ensures underbanked and unbanked communities and individuals can save, borrow, invest and access banking services equitably.

Unlocking revenue

Finastra’s products can be tailored to meet the individual needs of niche banking segments, with more competitive pricing to increase revenue and access new customer groups.

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Building a more responsible, data-driven banking industry

We help you to harness your customer and organizational data in a way that aligns with responsible ways of working.

Empowering sustainable decision-making

By driving out biases from both automated and human-led decisions, we can help you to make more responsible, data-informed and inclusive decisions.

Driving societal change

Finastra’s software solutions are agile and comprehensive, so you can focus on adapting your banking processes and practices to meet societal goals, from inclusion to ethical investments to community support.

Improving customer experiences

Our data-driven personalized banking products and services, recommendations and journeys can help to drive loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Staying responsible

We deliver built-in protections that ensure safe and secure banking practices, avoid biases and align with your corporate social goals.

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Reimagining banking for better experiences

Whether you’re an established institution or a new digital venture, reshaping your banking operations requires the right mix of capabilities, technology, expertise and experience.

Innovating and adapting

Finastra’s open software gives you the ability to innovate quickly and adapt to market changes, ensuring you stay competitive as the financial landscape evolves.

Enhancing experiences

Our products are built and integrated based on customer preferences, so you can deliver personalized services in context without the need for direct interaction with your bank.

Expanding reach

With alternative channels like Embedded Finance and Banking as a Service, you can embed services directly into customer journeys, beyond traditional banking environments.

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Why work with Finastra

We are the pioneers of open finance, and have been championing the push towards a more accessible, universal banking environment for decades.

Our unique combination of sophisticated solutions, open software, and industry experience means we are a driving force towards a more open, digital and advanced financial ecosystem that helps you to service more customers in more ways.

Universal Banking Open Finance - Innovative banking, end-to-end

Our software solutions and fintech ecosystem serve your processes end-to-end, building innovative products and seamless experiences that meet expectations even as customer expectations evolve. With end-to-end banking you can be more agile and responsive, and quickly adapt to new trends and demands.

Universal Banking Open Finance - Better experiences

Our software delivers highly personalized customer experiences, understanding and meeting individual customer preferences and behaviors. We help you engage with customers more effectively, to build and maintain customer loyalty, combining the power of technology with the human touch.

Universal Banking Open Finance - Enhanced scalability

We help you easily scale services on demand, through cloud adoption and flexible, open APIs. So, whether you need to roll out a new, innovative solution or want to reach new customers in remote locations, we help you get there quickly and with ease.

Universal Banking Open Finance - Your competitive edge

Banking is competitive, it is sophisticated, and it is evolving, so having access to rich, broad and deep capabilities and advanced, flexible technology is essential to thrive. Our next-generation banking platform brings together the best of technology, functionality and extensibility through SDKs and APIs that give you a reliable competitive edge for open finance.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in open finance, and how we're helping make banking more universally accessible, flexible and innovative, our expert team can help you get the answers you need.

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