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We build open solutions for better, secure and inclusive payment services.

Our open payment and financial messaging solutions empower institutions to keep pace with evolving customer and compliance needs and join a more inclusive, efficient and global financial ecosystem.

Supporting inclusive innovation to democratize payments

Harness the power of a truly open payments ecosystem.

Champion financial inclusion

Make cross-border payments more accessible, transparent and cost-effective with our open partner ecosystem.

Stay on track with changing regulations

Increase resilience and meet evolving compliance needs with our open solutions and pre-integrated specialist fintech capabilities, covering confirmation of payee, AML monitoring, fraud prevention and sanctions screening.

Accelerate innovation and growth

Through the power of collaboration with our growing partner ecosystem, we enable you to innovate at speed, break down barriers, respond to changing market demands, delight customers and accelerate growth.

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Enabling payment modernization to drive an open architecture

We empower you to embrace efficient and secure cloud technologies, practices and deployment options to ensure greater flexibility, agility and scalability.

Leveling the playing field

Finastra Payments To Go enables lower-tier banks to offer the same high levels of progressive services as the market leaders, to open up accessibility and create a more inclusive ecosystem.

Increase financial security

We enable our customers to provide 24/7 instant payments to help small businesses and workers reduce cashflow uncertainties and gain better financial control.

Differentiate services

With our containerized, microservices-based architecture of standalone composable components and open APIs, we help you respond faster and create personalized, distinct financial services.

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Fostering efficient and sustainable services

Finastra enables banks and other institutions to transition to a low-carbon economy for a greener future.

Modernize payments

Reduce energy and power consumption by replacing outdated, siloed and inefficient payments and financial messaging solutions with modernized, efficient and scalable solutions.

Make informed decisions

Leverage your payments data, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning, to unlock operational and customer insights for sustainable decision-making.

Enhanced resiliency

Finastra Payments and financial messaging solutions leverage modern cloud technologies and practices, increase service availability, help to reduce complexity, risk and costs, and ensure compliance in a more sustainable financial ecosystem.

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Why work with Finastra

Building open solutions for better, secure and inclusive payment services is the philosophy we live by at Finastra.

Payments Open Finance - Market leaders

Our payment and financial messaging solutions are built to lead the way in this bold new era of open finance, offering the broadest portfolio of trusted solutions, deployment options, support and managed services.

Payments Open Finance - Open by design

Finastra's payment solutions are built to enable innovation, enhance co-creation and empower collaboration to help you deploy cutting-edge solutions and grow your business faster.

Payments Open Finance - Comprehensive solutions

Our suite of solutions, alongside our growing ecosystem of specialist fintech and cross-border payment partners, help you to respond to market changes, embrace open banking, accelerate innovation and modernize payments with speed and resilience.

Payments Open Finance - Ready for today and tomorrow

Based on modern cloud technology and deployment practices, our payment and financial messaging solutions are an architecture for a more innovative, sustainable, efficient and inclusive financial services.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about open payments and financial messaging, and how we're helping institutions to harness the power of open finance to encourage collaboration, agility and simplified experiences, our expert team can help you get the answers you need.

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