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Commercial Lending

End-to-end lending

Solutions to grow and transform your commercial lending business

Foundation for growth

Driving speed, profitability and improved customer experiences means investing in an end-to-end loan solution you can trust. Built on over 30 years of expertise in all aspects of commercial lending with over 3,400 financial institutions, Finastra’s commercial lending solutions transform and grow your lending business, driving operational efficiency, improving margins and providing a scalable foundation for current and future growth.

Redefining commercial lending software

At Finastra, we are redefining commercial lending software with expert foresight and know-how, connecting loan origination, processing, document preparation, loan servicing and risk management.

From the simple to the complex

With our commercial loan origination software, you can consolidate loan lifecycle management for all loan types such as operating lines, term loans, asset-based lending, commercial real-estate or loan syndications and trading.


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