Total Lending. Total commitment. For community markets.

Make smarter, faster decisions

Easily accessible data available to staff and customers can help make faster decisions  

Optimize costs

Drive down costs with streamlined digital processes and reduced manual interventions

Accelerate growth

Risk review and spreading means you can compete on all loans helping you to accelerate growth

Improve regulatory and risk management 

Peace of mind with digital document management and access to the largest Legal Counsel 

Provide superior customer experience 

Drive customer engagement through seamless digital solutions and fast decisions

Compliance expertise

Leverage Finastra’s “compliance first” design strategy to better identify, understand, predict, and mitigate risk in your lending operations

Make disparate solutions and inefficiency a thing of the past.

Total Lending is a seamless experience that moves the borrowing journey quickly from commercial loan origination to close. 

Digitize your Commercial Lending journey 

Our Total Lending software puts you on the path to a streamlined digital lending future in the cloud

Be compliant no matter the complexity

Create dynamic, custom and compliant documents 

Safe and sound

A 50-state network of Legal Counsel helps you be compliant 

One solution for all your lending needs

Solve your commercial lending needs with one partner

Reduce risk and grow

Risk review and spreading means you can compete on all loans 

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Drive customer engagement and reduce costs

Total Lending solutions supporting your growth ambitions

  • Drive loan approvals & account opening 
  • Reduce the cost per transaction
  • Enhance compliance and reduce fraud 

Community Banks and Credit Unions, we have you covered

A community's strength relies on its people and businesses. 

With Community Bank & Credit Union solutions, digitize your banking channels without sacrificing relationships.

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Automate your onboarding experience

Image of AIO Steamline document collection and verification


An AI-based platform that automates the document collection and verification process to transform raw data into actionable – and profitable – information

Image of Finastra and FlashSpread partership


Finastra and FlashSpread deploy a seamless integration that extracts and validates financial data, structuring it to deliver high quality, made-to-order spreads that expedite your underwriting procedures

Image of LaserPro Conductor


Conductor integrates seamlessly to LaserPro and radically streamlines the documentation process. Manage loan documentation across commercial, consumer, and mortgage portfolios from a single, multi-user platform.

Digital Lending solutions built on digital innovation


Finastra LaserPro

A complete loan documentation system for commercial, consumer & mortgage lending.

Finastra CreditQuest

Future proof your digital commercial lending strategy

Finastra LIBOR Transition Calculator

The LIBOR transition is imminent and the need for automation is clear.

Finastra Originate

Harmonized digital origination for deposits, loans and mortgages.

Finastra MortgagebotLOS

All-in-one secure loan origination system that supports retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending

Acuma Logo

ACUMA Inside Track webinar, sponsored by Finastra - Is Mortgage Lending at a Technology Tipping Point?

AIO - Verified Business Identity

Speeds up customer onboarding by automating the collection and verification of financial identity documents

Fusion LIBOR Transition Calculator

Calculates ARR for applications unable to calculate their own ARR based interest accruals

Fusion CreditQuest Lender Insights

Use Lender Insights to access valuable back office data and initiate new loan requests.

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