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Welcome to the new world of end-to-end corporate lending

With Finastra’s fully integrated, end-to-end corporate lending system as the bedrock, banks can build a winning lending proposition for the future.

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Our software is made up of the three key components below, all seamlessly integrated.

Fusion Credit Connect

Fusion Credit Connect

Empowers RMs to identify the best opportunities sooner, improve communication with customers, reduce error rates and ultimately generate higher revenue.

Fusion Credit Management Enterprise

Fusion Credit Management Enterprise

Provides functionally rich workflow management for corporate loan origination – integrated seamlessly into the end-to-end lending process.

Fusion Loan IQ

Fusion Loan IQ

The world’s leading solution for servicing commercial loans – seamlessly integrated into Finastra’s end-to-end lending environment.


Expert insights

Our lending experts discuss the challenges throughout the corporate lending process and how Finastra end-to-end lending is helping banks build the lending solution of tomorrow, today.

The future of lending: moving into execution mode

Covid has already defined the future: now it’s time to move into execution mode, thinking about the distribution of people in lending operations, for example, and how it will impact business. Firms have proved what’s possible: now it’s about operationalizing it.

How Finastra’s end-to-end lending overcomes the challenges for banks’ corporate lending processes

John Payne looks at the challenges faced across the end-to-end lending process and how banks are crying out for digital transformation and integration

Why going digital end-to-end is the future of corporate lending

Chris Papathanassi shares the virtues of a digital front to back lending environment


Adding value for banks and borrowers

Build a winning corporate lending proposition for the future

Welcome to the new world of end-to-end corporate lending

Explore our guide to see how Finastra’s end-to-end lending solution enables you to deliver a better service to your clients.

End-to-end Lending Factsheet

See how end-to-end lending is the solution of the future with our factsheet.

Two women looking at paper

Want to understand how to maximize your portfolio? Our brochure shows you how Finastra's end-to-end lending can help.

End-to-end digitization: a better way to lend

Lending can digitize today. In light of the current crisis and the urgent need for efficient lending to vital sectors such as small and medium enterprises, does the industry have a choice? Its future is entirely digital.


Complete commercial loan origination solution

Our Total Lending solution transforms and grows your lending portfolio by seamlessly integrating key products that provide unparalleled and limitless capabilities for North American community institutions. See how we can help below.

Fusion LaserPro

Fusion LaserPro

The cornerstone of the Total Lending solution and provides compliant loan document management to provide peace of mind in knowing that your loan packages meet the burden of regulation.

Fusion CreditQuest

Fusion CreditQuest

The commercial loan origination solution for Total Lending Commercial and provides critical underwriting and risk analysis for driving profitable loans with reduced credit risk.

Fusion DecisionPro

Fusion DecisionPro

Provides loan origination software for consumer lending to help meet the needs of all types of personal loans



Together they create the most powerful end-to-end loan origination solution in the financial industry.



Global Services

Get maximum value from Fusion solutions

Within Finastra Global Services, we have a service to meet every need, allowing you to implement, optimize and advance your solutions in a way that is better, faster and safer.

Discover our full services portfolio, helping you to unlock the full potential of your lending solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is loan origination?

Loan origination is the process that occurs when a buyer obtains a loan from a lender which involves several stages, starting with the loan application by the borrower, the submission of appropriate documentation, the lender’s assessment of the application and credit risk and the final funding of the loan.

Is your loan origination streamlined?

When a buyer obtains a loan from a lender, it involves several stages. Make sure your process is easy for the borrower with a consistent experience through loan application, submission of appropriate documentation, your assessment of the application and credit risk and the final funding of the loan.

How can loan origination software help?

Software solutions can enable the loan origination process for financial institutions and other lenders, from loan application, documentation, underwriting, credit decisioning, risk analysis and loan funding.

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