Streamline your credit and debit payments process with our Bacsactive-IP+ module

Building on Finastra Bacsactive-IP’s proven cloud-based technology, Bacsactive-IP+ gives you complete control of your payments wherever you are. This new module provides all the benefits of Bacsactive-IP with simplified workflow and enhanced security to aid automation and remove the need for smartcards.

Bacsactive-IP+ has been engineered to support home, office and hybrid working arrangements. It features powerful multi-factor authentication, which removes the need for smartcards, their software and readers, making it a fully portable service. Submissions to Bacs are signed instead using Finastra’s Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to ensure the highest level of security. Eliminating the need for smartcards removes the restrictions on operating systems and browsers the software needs to operate smartcards. In addition, any problems generated by smartcard software conflicts for multi-banked users are eliminated.

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