Advanced Collateral Management system improves fiscal discipline

Improved efficiency

Easily create and maintain collateral and guarantees across multiple business lines.

Tighter compliance

Configurable best practices for managing perfections, manual revaluations, renewals and releases.

Enhanced opportunity

Automate collateral data capture and gain added insight into current and future loan performance.

Simplified environment

Intuitive view of interrelationships coordinates and simplifies access for all parties.

Adaptable platform

Easy addition of new fields in response to changing business or regulatory demands.

Best-practice applications

Automated capture and management of collateral, covenants and guarantees improves efficiency while reducing risk.

Improve control, reduce risk

Proactive and efficient capture and management of collateral in a single, global deployment, for greater risk control.

data analytics

Reduce manual processes

Automated collateral capture reduces errors.

Take control

Unified data model assures local/business-line variations.

Be responsive

Rapid response to new regulation with custom fields.

Simplify access

Intuitive aids make complex deals more accessible.

team at desk

Customization and control in a single deployment

Enabling efficient management and surveillance of collateral associated with collateralized loans on a single global platform.

  • Multiple source automatic revaluation
  • Auto recalculation of lender shares
  • Off-the-shelf reports/portfolio analysis

Seamless Lending operations


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