Unlocking the value of BaaS and contextual finance in wholesale banking

Embedded finance is moving into wholesale banking, blurring boundaries while creating entirely new markets. Join our panel of BaaS industry leaders, as we discuss how FX, payments, cash management, lending marketplaces, and all “as-a-service” offerings have transformative potential.

One of the speakers of the "Unlocking the value of BaaS ..." webinar

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Banking as a Service, embedded finance, contextual finance. We hear these terms and read market headlines on a daily basis. But what do they mean?

Open Banking, as a widely accepted imperative, has been around since early 2018. So why all the fuss about embedded finance now?

In collaboration with Sibos, this ‘Meet the Experts’ session hosts HSBC, Visa, SAP and Finastra; it will cover:

  • What is embedded finance and why is it important?
  • Who are the key players and how will they monetize the reported $7 trillion market opportunity?
  • And most importantly, how are they planning to deliver tangible benefits, at pace?

Key takeaways:

  • How will embedders, or ‘distributors’ – like SAP – start to monetize BaaS? And how will they work with their partner network?
  • What are the challenges to getting started, and ‘collaborating at pace’?
Angus Ross
Angus Ross
Chief Growth and Revenue Officer, Embedded Finance
Eli Rosner
Eli Rosner
Chief Product and Technology Officer
Mark Williamson
Mark Williamson
Managing Director, GFX eRisk, Partnerships & Propositions, Markets & Security Services

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