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Digital Disruption Comes to the Corporate Treasury



Digital Disruption Comes to the Corporate Treasury

Until recently, corporate banking has been largely protected from full scale digital disruption. But new research from Finastra suggests that 70% of corporate treasurers believe a shift from bank to non-bank services will take place over the next two-to-five years







The role of the corporate treasurer today is very different to what it once was...

68% of corporate treasurers believe their roles are becoming increasingly strategic with 67% of corporate treasurers expecting a seat on the board in 5 years. With the role of corporate treasurers evolving at unprecedented rate what does this mean for the banks that have traditionally served them?

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Corporate Treasurers Are Looking Beyond Their Banks for Innovation

Listen to industry leaders including Microsoft, Citi Bank, and Finastra as we explore the opportunities and challenges faced in corporate treasury management, how treasury services are consumed, and views on innovation.

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Digital Disruption Comes to the Corporate Treasury

If banks want to meet treasurers’ changing needs, they must change too.
This new Finastra report is based on a simple hypothesis: that the growing expectations of corporate treasurers has reached tipping point, and as a result of this banks will need to change their IT strategies, operating models and business models to find new ways to meet customer demand, unlock new revenue opportunities and protect shareholder value. To test this hypothesis, we quizzed 380 corporate treasurers to understand better the opportunities and challenges they face, how they consume treasury services, and their views on innovation. Our findings make for interesting reading.


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