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Fusion Supply Chain Finance

Capture the open account opportunity

Finastra delivers the joined-up working capital services demanded by corporates today

Today’s supply chains need better connections

Pushed by the need to optimize working capital, corporates are driving new models for corporate banking. With global corporate value chains more fragmented, working capital is more dispersed, and under threat from a greater range of supply chain dynamics.

As networks of international commerce expand, both buyers and suppliers are looking for ways to better connect their financial supply chains, mitigate risk and unlock trade credit on their balance sheets to support the working capital needs of their supply chain partners.

Unified management of trade and open account services

The unified management of traditional trade and open account services is key to providing the automation, scale and connectivity that will deliver the joined-up working capital services demanded by corporates today.

Finastra’s supply chain management software links buyers, sellers, and finance providers to facilitate financing or early payment of sellers during the life cycle of the open account trade.

It enables banks to capture the open account opportunity with an agile, scalable solution that supports the full range of techniques on a single supply chain management system. 

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