Finastra and Contour: The Trade Network Connector - Solution Demo

Contour solves Letter of Credit digitization through one connected platform

Manage the entire end-to-end process in a collaborative workflow, providing buyers and sellers with immediate access and real-time visibility of the transaction. Link internal bank workflows to external client communications through a smooth and secure decentralized network.

Instant communication

Enhanced customer offering

Real-time data flow

Private & secure

Seamless integration

De-risk process

Cost saving

Fast & efficient

Working sustainably

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Contour: Offer an enhanced digital trade finance network

Migrate from paper documents and unsecure communications, a more effective and automated digital trading offering.

  • Fast & efficient, providing better transparency for clients.
  • Private & secure, using the latest blockchain technologies.
  • A single platform to manage all your communications.

What benefits does the Trade Network Connector provide to banks?

Through a shared digital network environment, the Trade Network Connector links banks, and businesses globally, enhancing access to working capital financing while facilitating fast and secure transactions.

Bringing banks and corporates together through a common digital network system

Moving toward a more effective and automated digital trading offering


Finastra Trade Innovation

Achieve customer excellence through the industry’s leading booking engine.

Finastra Unified Corporate Portal

A single portal for meaningful corporate digital engagement across products and services.

Trade Network Connector - Contour

Connecting banks to Contour's international network of financial institutions and businesses, expanding trade financing accessibility.


Save time and reduce risk by automating the examination of your documents under a Letter of Credit.


Digitize and manage negotiable instruments and documents of title without the need for a central registry.

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