Fusion Regulatory Reporting ServiceFusion Regulatory Reporting Service

Fusion Regulatory Reporting Service

Automated regulatory reporting

Compliant derivative deal reporting with minimal effort

Connect to multiple trade repositories

Fusion Regulatory Reporting Service enables corporates, fund managers, and SME banks to meet OTC Derivative regulatory reporting requirements. Delivered as a SaaS solution and hosted in a private data center, it connects you to multiple trade repositories so you can meet the relevant reporting requirements. 

No need to modify upstream trade capture systems

With Fusion Regulatory Reporting Service, you become compliant with minimal effort, and with minimal data. You won’t need to modify your existing upstream trade capture systems in any way.  The service enables you to report to a trade repository on the execution, modification and termination of a derivative transaction, as mandated by regulations.

Takes care of the entire reporting life cycle

Once your company has been onboarded, all you need to do is to upload the deal information. When your deal data is uploaded, the service takes care of the entire life cycle of the reporting process. It enriches any missing data points using master static data and a state-of-the-art rules engine. 

Fully integrated

The Fusion Regulatory Reporting Service can be fully integrated with Finastra’s Fusion Confirmation Matching Service, allowing a single submission of a trade to Finastra, with no need to duplicate the effort.

Automated process with easy viewing

It can generate a unique trade identifier (if required), map an instrument to the correct UTI, convert the data to the format required by the trade repository (TR), and connect with and report to multiple TRs. You can view the status of what has been reported to the TR through a blotter and apply amends or cancel actions on a reported message.

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