Financial Messaging and ServicesFinancial Messaging and Services

Financial Messaging and Services

Payment messages and confirmations flow easily with Finastra solutions

Finastra’s Financial Messaging and Services solutions cover all your messaging, connectivity and payments operations needs.

Millions of messages, managed efficiently

Our financial messaging solutions make you more efficient, with consistent functionality, advanced STP, web-based technology and powerful drill-down and query capabilities. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with payments and treasury systems, reducing the risk and costs of onboarding. This way, banks and corporations can manage millions of payment messages in multiple payment warehouses around the world with ultimate efficiency.

Finastra’s bank connectivity solutions help you convert between proprietary and standard message formats to easily connect with any multi-bank service, for example SWIFT, SIC, euroSIC, SECOM, SEPA, CLS, CREST, FED, and Chips. Our solutions accelerate processing and reduce costs related to multi-bank connectivity and message translation.

Automated confirmations

Fusion Confirmation Matching service automates confirmations between SWIFT and non-SWIFT counterparties in real-time, removing operational risk, and increasing automation and efficiency for corporate treasurers and fund managers.

Service bureau

Finastra also provides the largest Premium SWIFTNet Service Bureau that gives a single interface between corporate organisations and their banks without the in-house headaches or costs. Fusion SWIFTNet Service Bureau is aimed at any organisation that wants access to the SWIFT network, but that does not want to make the significant investment into its own SWIFTNet Gateway. We encourage you to gain the benefit of our decades of experience as the largest non-bank SWIFT user.

Bacs and Faster Payments

Fusion Bacsactive-IP is a fast and effective way to make Debit and Credit payments in a simple to use SaaS solution.


With Fusion Total Messaging software, institutions will save time and increase operational efficiency with consistent functionality, advanced STP, web-based technology and powerful drill-down and query capabilities.

Handling payments for around 2,000 businesses and processing over £250 billion worth of transactions a year, Fusion Bacsactive-IP can handle simple low volume payments right through to the most mission critical of payment operations requiring complete automation and sophisticated authorisation.

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