One bank’s problem is your fintech’s treasure: How to scale as a PSP?

Watch the panel discussion and learn how to transform, scale and expand as a Payment Service Provider in Europe.

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We know that more and more banks are moving away from payments acquisition. Look to Santander with PagoNxt or Deutsche Bank’s acquisition of Better Payments; examples where large banks – with large business banking portfolios – are setting up payments capabilities by creating (or partnering with) fintechs.
This proves the need for a flexible fintech payment service provider (PSP) that can acquire the technology and systems needed to cope with growing demands from customers. The difficulty lies in scaling up PSPs’ capability to cope with the added stresses that higher volumes – of different payments – will cause.

We’re delighted to host a panel together with PIPIT Global, Fire.com, GECKO Governance and the Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland to discuss the blueprint for transforming, scaling, and growing as a payment service provider:

  • Transform from in-house legacy to core in the cloud, implemented through a blueprint-led approach. Utilize standard configuration and methods to reduce time to value.
  • Scale beyond in-house systems using an adaptable system that can handle increased payment volumes and is designed for open banking.
  • Expand to the future in a multi-vendor world with a solution that is open and designed to leverage the ecosystem.
Michael Concannon
Michael Concannon
Head of Strategy and Development
Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland

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