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Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission Statement

Finastra places social responsibility at the heart of its culture, bringing people and technology together through financial inclusion, social innovation and our environment mission.

This strategic approach and vision for corporate social responsibility (CSR) was formed at the inception of Finastra. Our dedicated CSR team, which includes many members of our Executive Leadership Team, recognize the role all of our stakeholders play in the pursuit of our objectives to improve the wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners, society and the environment in which we operate.

By focusing on our technology, talent and network we have created a platform for positive social and environmental impact through philanthropy, education, job creation, economic growth and innovation.






The Three Pillars of CSR at Finastra


Open Potential

Affordable access to financial services for all

Helping communities to become more successful and resilient

Reducing the environmental impacts of Finastra and across financial services

Financial Inclusion

Our financial inclusion pillar and programs endeavor to help all people everywhere to have affordable access to financial services to help them unlock their potential and achieve financial independence. This mission is delivered through the following three initiatives:

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Financial Literacy for All

Financial education needs to be in place before access is provided to financial services. This ensures that people understand how financial services work and how they can serve them best in the pursuit of their ambitions to lead better lives. Finastra is dedicated to improving financial literacy rates globally for people of all ages through our programs, particularly for unbanked and underserved populations.

Banking the Unbanked

Approximately 1.7bn people are unbanked globally. To address this, Finastra collaborates with our customers worldwide to provide affordable access to financial services for the unbanked and underbanked such as payments and loans to improve people’s lives. This can be achieved by simply sending money securely and avoiding the need, risk and cost of carrying cash, as well as being able to buy their own home or gaining access to capital to start new business ventures.

MSME Funding

By enabling micro- small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to grow and scale through affordable access to capital, our MSME Funding programs, such as the Trust Machine, contribute to reducing the USD 5 trillion global funding gap via our lending solutions that our customers and microfinance partners run. This enables global economic growth through job creation, innovation and higher tax revenues for governments to invest in public services and infrastructure to alleviate poverty, which is the number one sustainable development goal (SDG) defined by the United Nations.

Social Innovation

The Social Innovation pillar supports people, businesses, and communities across the globe to help make them more successful, resilient and adaptable to change. This mission is delivered through the following three initiatives:


Investment in Youth

As a leading fintech, we invest in young people globally to help prepare them for a future where both technology and financial services play key roles in their lives, working environment and our society. We achieve this through our Hour of Code program with and partnerships with social mobility charities, where we provide mentoring and internship opportunities. Finastra also supports investments in child health, education and safety that help our youth to thrive.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Finastra is committed to leading in employee diversity and equality across gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. We believe this is a vital component for the long-term success of our company and importantly, helps us to reflect the views, beliefs and cultures of all our stakeholders. As a result, many of our CSR investments and philanthropic grants have a D&I focus to help accelerate the fight for equality worldwide.

Tech for Good

Finastra collaborates with customers, partners and other stakeholders to help bring innovative solutions to market that help people, businesses and communities unlock their potential. These could be financial applications that are developed on our platform, or standalone technologies that help create a positive social or environmental impact. Through our CSR volunteering programs, our R&D teams offer mentoring and coaching to developers, while our go-to-market teams provide access to our customers and partners to help developers understand financial problems that require solutions.

Environment Mission

Finastra is acutely aware of its responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment together with our ability to reduce emissions in the financial services sector as an established fintech. This mission is delivered through the following three initiatives:

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Carbon Neutral Finastra by 2030

Finastra is constantly working to reduce emissions as a business, with a goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. To achieve this objective, Finastra has environmental corporate programs that focus on managing air travel, providing accessible audio visual conferencing facilities and managing energy consumption. Our employees also volunteer to support our CSR carbon offsetting programs, which includes Planting Trees With Purpose, to improve air quality, reduce global warming and prevent flooding in our communities.

Customer Carbon Footprint Reduction

Finastra creates and deploys financial technology that helps reduce the carbon footprint of our global customer base. Whether it’s through the reduction of employee travel, paper consumption or energy that our solutions enable through the digitization of banking processes or the digitalization of financial services, we are committed to reducing emissions within our sector in collaboration with our customers and partners.

Sustainability Agenda

Finastra is keenly interested in supporting and partnering with organizations working in the areas of conservation and sustainability. We have established an Environmental and Sustainability Working Group to deliver this agenda across the company, which is led by our Chief Executive Officer and Chief People and Places Officer, as well as several members of the Finastra Leadership Team.






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