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Shredding paper: how digitized documents can speed up global trade

Download this white paper to explore solutions and recommendations to improve your documentation workflow. Find out the opportunities to innovate and steps to digitize global transactions.

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In the US, Corporations spend more than $120bn annually on printed forms 60% of the 17bn cubic feet of trees deforested globally each year is used to make paper. A single trade finance transaction can involve more than 20 entities, requiring 10 to 20 different documents and 5,000 data field exchanges.

We believe we can start lowering these numbers and work together to shift from paper to electronic and digital banking. To help you make this transition we partnered with Enigio to develop an app, trace:original, that creates digital original documents that are secure and compliant with current legislation and freely transferrable to anyone.

Of course, transitions are never easy, but a good starting point is to understand the roadmap and the benefits of having a digital workflow for documentation.

Download the white paper and learn more about:

  • The opportunities afforded by this new technology to the trade finance arena.
  • The problems linked to a paper-based system and how to get started with digitalization.
  • Enigio - the digital pioneer simplifying trade finance documentation (case study).
  • Recommendations designed to inform your business’ digitization roadmap and give a competitive edge.

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