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Does Anti-Phishing training work?

Cyberattacks have rapidly evolved into more complex and intricate schemes, making it harder for organizations to adapt in time. The problem for security awareness professionals has shifted from building awareness that security matters, to changing long-held individual behaviours and organizational security culture.

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Beauceron Security analysed data consisting of 4.3 million phishing simulations sent to over 350,000 users across 325 organizations. They found that after a period of training and positive reinforcement, users experienced substantial behavioural change demonstrated by improved click rate, ignore rate, and report rate. The findings show that fostering a positive cybersecurity culture through anti-phishing programs is an effective way to reduce cyber risk.

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  • How and why anti-phishing training is a growing priority for small, medium, and large organizations.
  • How anti-phishing training can change your team's behaviour after only 90 days of enrolment.
  • How to seamlessly adopt phishing simulations and create a positive learning environment for your teams.

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