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Unified Fraud Risk and AML Compliance (FRAML)

Watch an insightful conversation to learn about the benefits of adopting a unified real-time Fraud Detection and AML (FRAML) Compliance in an 'as a Service' model. Register Now.

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The rise of digital banking, real-time payments and open banking have also created one of the biggest pain points for the banking industry - real-time fraud. Newer threats and an ever-changing regulatory landscape now demand more robust processes and innovative approaches to combat financial crime, while delivering frictionless customer experiences.

The way forward is to adopt unified real-time Fraud Risk and AML (FRAML) Compliance in an ‘as a Service’ mode. In addition to economies of scale that significantly reduce costs, and a single customer view that improves real-time discovery, Fraud and Compliance as a Service is the ideal approach for real-time, cross-channel financial crime detection as well as AML compliance.

Ian Morris, Senior Advisor - Growth Strategy, Clari5 and Christophe Langlois, Global Marketing Lead - Fintech & Developer Ecosystem, Finastra, discuss -

  • Key trends shaping the banking industry in 2022 and its pain points
  • Key trends impacting fraud management
  • Why close collaboration between financial services ecosystem players has become critical for efficient financial crime prevention
  • What differentiates a best-in-class real-time fraud solution from the rest
  • How a unified FRAML solution addresses a spectrum of situations, regulations and user preferences
  • The need for Fraud and Compliance as a service, at a massive scale and speed
  • A robust and flexible scenario authoring capability
  • Why it is imperative to have an enterprise-wide Fraud and Compliance as a Service approach to tackle real-time fraud, as well as compliance.

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