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Speeding up onboarding: Using your own CRM for loan origination

For any financial product, onboarding can be painful for banks and corporates. There are remarkable solutions out there for banks to modernize the experience for clients, as we discuss how banks can make this transition quickly and effectively.

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When recently speaking with a corporate treasurer, they said their main challenges came from when they were moving into new countries. The challenge of onboarding can be truly painful and slow, but there are ways to vastly speed up the onboarding process in lending. Watch Finastra's episode of Fintech Fika where Tim and Chris speak to the CEO & Co-Founder of VeriPark, Ozkan Erener. We discuss how to take a complex process of onboarding with a lot of parties, stakeholders and restrictions, and how to transition banking onboarding into a smoother, modern experience.

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