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Fusion Bacsactive-IP

Fast and Flexible

The Most Effective Way to Manage Credit and Debit Payments Securely

Implementing a SaaS based payment platform for your Bacs and Faster Payments could not be simpler. No longer will you have to maintain clunky and costly out dated systems that require round the clock maintenance, nor will you have to worry about legislative compliance - we take the stress away! The reduction of in-house hardware and software maintenance means you will begin to see immediate ROI in your payment operations.

Handling payments for around 2,000 businesses and processing over £250 billion worth of transactions a year, Fusion Bacsactive-IP can handle simple low volume payments right through to the most mission critical of payment operations requiring complete automation and sophisticated authorization.

What we offer

  • Fully scalable hosted service, accessed by standard browsers
  • Simple set-up with low entry costs
  • Bacs Direct Credit and Direct Debit payment processing (including payroll, supplier payments, expenses, dividend payments, subscriptions, bill payments, memberships, and many more)
  • Seamless integration with your back office systems
  • Bank agnostic solution provides the freedom to switch banks easily or operate a multi-bank solution
  • Additional modules to suit your business process
  • Built-in disaster recovery for all customers
  • All regulatory compliance updates included as standard such as SHA-2 and TLS 
  • Automatic updates including Bacs processing calendar and Industry Sort Code Directory (EISCD)
  • Secure and flexible authorisation levels

Enhancing the solution

Our feature rich software provides a wide range of modules giving you the option to build the most effective payment solution for your needs.

Direct Debit Manager - the most advanced Direct Debit management solution available today, and the only fully automated solution in the Bacs market.
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Bureau - Fusion Bacsactive-IP Bureau supports the entire range of Bacstel-IP Bureau options, and is readily configurable to suit your operating environment.
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Workflow - the Workflow Module is a state-of-the-art system that enables the complete automation of your submissions to Bacs as well as the retrieval and distribution of Bacs reports.
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Hardware Security Module - the HSM enables a large degree of flexibility in implementing security policies. A full range of options are available, from fully automated unattended operation to multi-user manual signing processes.
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Faster Payments  – make your payment file submission using our Faster Payments Module and the payments will reach the destination account in near real-time.
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Bank Grade - the Bank Grade module is an enhancement to Fusion Bacsactive-IP enabling the communication of additional record types originating from banks.
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Account Validate - Account Validate ensures that the data you capture is accurate, and avoids subsequent problems in preparing your payment data.
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Bank solutions

If you are a bank or financial institution we offer a white labelled solution which allows you to provide your corporate customers with the full range of Bacs functionality. This includes not only the branded software, but helpdesk customer services and support functionality, user documentation, onsite customer training and sales support. We also ensure that your teams are trained to maximize their potential.

A brave new world

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution allows us to work closely with the industry regulators - Bacs, Faster Payments, and now the NPSO - to ensure that our service remains up to date and relevant, especially in this time of change.

How can we help?

Whether you are a small or large business, your cash flow deserves the best solution. For more information please contact our sales team for a demo.


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